About– The Urban Flair LLC

About The Urban Flair

The Urban Flair started as a dream and finally manifested into reality in late September of 2018. We decided that it was time to exit the 9-5 rat race and chase our dreams! In March of 2019, we became a state of California LLC!

Although we're always learning and growing, our mission remains the same: To create unique ways of helping you express the very best parts of yourself through our diverse selection of creative and affordable lifestyle products!

If you don't see what you're looking for? We'll create it for you!

In addition to our vast offerings and premium quality, what sets The Urban Flair apart is the exceptional experience that we strive to deliver with each individual interaction. We truly hope to make you more than a customer - we hope to make you a friend for life!

We are so thankful that TUF has made new homes in MANY different countries world-wide!

Your support means the world to us
& your sales keep a dream alive!