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Wake Up Kick Ass Waterproof Sticker

Wake Up Kick Ass Waterproof Sticker available at The Urban Flair

Wake Up Kick Ass Waterproof Sticker

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The Urban Flair‘s stickers are a best seller! They are made with high-quality, waterproof & weatherproof vinyl! Place them on anything from cars to waterbottles to laptops!

- Premium quality, durable vinyl
- Versatile use
- Waterproof & weatherproof
- Easily removed AND amazing stay-power

Other Notes
- Your sticker will NOT have “” watermark 
Purchase is for 1 vinyl sticker unless quantity otherwise specified
Each sticker will have a 1/8" white border

Q: What can I put my TUF stickers on?
A: Virtually anything! Our stickers aren't just "normal stickers" -- they're waterproof and weatherproof! Our customers boast over their quality all of the time! They function great as car decals, waterbottle decor and so much more! Common uses also include: Laptops, journals, planners, doors, lockers. Be as creative as you see fit! Note: Raised/bumpy surfaces may not work well.

Q: Are they removable?
A: Yes, one of the best things about our stickers is that they are super durable but are also removable! You don't have to worry about them leaving nasty residue behind if you ever need to take them off. 

Q: Can I request a sticker/get one custom-made?
A: Yes, The Urban Flair offers customization on pretty much all of our products! You are welcome to send us an inquiry via the "QUESTIONS & ANSWERS" section -- just scroll down a bit! We will get back to you as soon as possible! 

Q: Which size is best for waterbottles?
A: Our customers often purchase the 3x4in option to decorate their waterbottles! It's a great size! Not too big, not too small. 

Q: Will my sticker have the "" mark on it?
A: No, your shipped sticker will not have our watermark on it! We just use it on here for design protection purposes! :) 

Q: Do you have any stickers that are ready to ship?
A: At this time (and like all of our products) our stickers are printed and prepared as they are ordered. We do hope to provide this option in the future! Fortunately, the current processing time is pretty quick and most stickers are shipped out in only a couple of business days!

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All of our products are made to order and require up to 7 business days (but usually less) before they are ready to ship. For more info, check out our FAQ!