How TUF works

Once you place your order, the TUF fairies get to work and make your item(s) especially for you! Additionally, each order is printed/fulfilled and shipped out in the order that it is received.

All orders are ready to ship out in 7 business days or less! On average, most go out in just 3-5 business days!

Because we want to get your items to you as quickly as possible, if your order contains multiple items, they may ship separately at no extra expense to you!


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Customer Service
ASAP! We always get back to you as quickly as we can -- all 7 days of the week!



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Estimated Processing Times

Watch Bands: 2-5 business days
Stickers: 2-5 business days
Phone Cases: 3-7 business days
Apparel: 3-7 business days
Mugs: 3-7 business days
Hats: 5-7 business days

Estimated Delivery Times

USA: 3-5 business days
Canada: 6­-12 business days
World: 10­-20 business days

International Orders

The Urban Flair gladly welcomes international orders! We are US based and although rare, international orders can take up 20-30 days in extreme cases. 

In addition, international shipments may incur customs fees. The customs policy is different in each country, and the fee is usually based on a variety of factors like weight, value, and size. We do not take responsibility for customs fees. 


We provide tracking on all orders as a courtesy to you! You can track your order at any time here

Additional Shipping Notes

The Urban Flair does not have a working relationship with USPS or any other postal carrier. 

What does that mean? It means that just like you, we give our packages to postal carriers and trust/expect that package to get to its intended destination in a timely fashion. 

Unfortunately, this is also why we can not guarantee that an order will arrive by/on a specific date. 

Where are you located?

We are located in beautiful San Diego, California!

What is your return policy?

Our full return policy is outlined in full here!

Why is my tracking stuck?

If your order stops tracking or it seems that things are stuck, try to be patient and give it a couple of days. 

Weather and other unforeseen circumstances can sometimes cause shipping/tracking delays. 

If it has been more than a week and things still don’t seem to be moving, you are welcome to reach out to us and together we will decide on our next steps! 

My package was marked “delivered” but I don’t have it. What should I do?

While nearly all orders are delivered quickly and without issue, human error is inevitable. We understand that these kind of issues issues are frustrating and they make us just as angry! Truly, if we could hand-deliver all of your packages, we would! 

USPS/your local post office will be in charge of the final delivery of your package (US orders). We, again, do not have a working relationship with them and we (just like you) send our packages off and trust/expect that they will arrive to the intended destination in a timely fashion.

If your package is marked as delivered but you are unable to locate it, here’s what we recommend:

1. Validate the address you provided us. You can do so through the receipt you received via email after your purchase. A common error made is forgetting to change a default address on file when a change of address occurs — so this is always a good starting point!
2. Check with any other members of your household — parents/siblings/family members/roommates(s), etc and see if they may have potentially brought your package in and forgot to tell you. This is also pretty common!
3. Check with your close neighbors — carriers occasionally leave packages at a next door neighbor's house on accident
4. If you live in an apartment complex/community of some sort, check with your leasing office
5. Lastly, call and check in with your local post office. For various reasons, they will occasionally hold on to a package on site even though it is marked "delivered" — If nothing else, your best bet will be to then file a claim with them

If you need assistance dealing with a shipping related issue, we will help to the best of our ability! 

Additionally, The Urban Flair cannot accept responsibility for packages that appear through tracking to have been delivered but are otherwise missing/stolen/etc. We also cannot replace orders that have been shipped to the wrong address if the one provided was not correct/current. You are responsible for providing us with an accurate/current address & are responsible for additional shipping costs that result in failure to do so. Thanks for understanding! 

FAQ: Clear Phone Case

Q: Does the case have sides?
A: Yes, The Urban Flair's clear cases do have sides!

Q: What is the material like? 
A: The case is made of hybrid materials -- It is slightly flexible but not stretchy.

Q: Is this case protective?
A: The Urban Flair sells these cases as  functional, trendy fashion accessories and should be treated as delicately as the expensive phone they are protecting! :) They will certainly provide protection for your normal daily use but are not intended for rugged wear. If you are prone to handling your phone more aggressively or are using it in extreme conditions, you are welcome to take the necessary precautions and check out our tough cases.

Q: Is the design on the case a sticker?
A: The design is NOT a decal/sticker -- it will be UV printed on to the back of the case using top of the line printing technology. We also provide a complimentary* 3 week window of time from the day of delivery during which, if any design issues become present, you can send us photos and a new case will be printed/shipped to you -- completely free of charge.

Q: Is the design embedded into the case?
A: No, the design will be UV printed on to the back of the case. The case's design will therefore have a slightly raised look/feel and provide some additional grip to the case. Don't worry, the design won't chip/peel! We provide a complimentary 3 week window of time from the day of delivery during which, if any design issues become present, you can send us photos and a new case will be printed/shipped to you -- completely free of charge.

Q: When will my case arrive?
A: All of our cases are printed as orders are received. You should allow us around 3 (but up to 7 business days) to print and package your case before it is ready for shipment. Once a case ships, it is generally delivered in around 3-5 business days but is subject to vary. 

Q: Will you guarantee the protection of my phone? What if it cracks when I have a TUF case on it?
A: The Urban Flair does not guarantee or warranty your phone. Regardless of the case you have on your phone, there is ALWAYS risk involved when it is dropped at any distance/on to any surface. Don’t drop your phone ;)

Q: How should I care for my case?
A: Case can be lightly wiped down with wipe or soft towel when necessary. You should avoid extreme conditions -- such as sweat, sun, oil, etc as they may diminish the overall life of your case and its design.

Q: How long will my case last?
A: The life of your case will be entirely up to how you handle and care for it! With proper care, it should last for as long as you need it to! Read our blog post about caring for your clear phone cases here!

 *Customer account must be created to be eligible for warranty

FAQ: Stickers

Q: What can I put my TUF stickers on?
A: Virtually anything! Our stickers aren't just "normal stickers" -- they're waterproof and weatherproof! Our customers boast over their quality all of the time! They function great as car decals, waterbottle decor and so much more! Common uses also include: Laptops, journals, planners, doors, lockers. Be as creative as you see fit! 
Note: Raised/bumpy surfaces may not work well

Q: Are they removable?
A: Yes, one of the best things about our stickers is that they are super durable but are also removable! You don't have to worry about them leaving nasty residue behind if you ever need to take them off.

Q: Which size is best for waterbottles?
A: Our customers often purchase the 3x4in option to decorate their waterbottles! It's a great size! Not too big, not too small. 

Q: Will my sticker have the "" mark on it?
A: No, your shipped sticker will not have our watermark on it! We just use it on here for design protection purposes! :)

Q: Do you have any stickers that are ready to ship?
A: At this time (and like all of our products) our stickers are printed and prepared as they are ordered. We do hope to provide this option in the future! Fortunately, the current processing time is pretty quick and most stickers are shipped out in only a couple of business days! 

FAQ: Apple Watch Bands

Q: What is "vegan" leather?
A: Vegan leather is a high-quality, cruelty free "faux" alternative to leather!

Q: Will the band fit my wrist?
A: Our bands are super versatile and should fit almost any wrist -- even the tiny ones! We would say they are best fit for wrists ranging from ~14-20cm around.

Q: Are your bands compatible with my Series __ Apple Watch?
A: Our bands are compatible with ALL Apple Watch Series -- 1, 2, 3 and 4!

Q: Do you offer bands for other smart watches?
A: No, unfortunately we do not offer bands for any other smart watches at this time! Sorry!


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