With nothing more than a dream and
an eagerness to express herself creatively,
Allie gave birth (metaphorically, of course)
to The Urban Flair on September 21, 2018.
When you purchase from TUF,
you’re purchasing from a small business that
genuinely cares about your satisfaction!

With every purchase, you’re also
keeping a dream alive!

TUF continues to grow and expand world-wide!
We strive to create diverse and unique designs
that help you to express the very best parts of yourself!

You’ll find that The Urban Flair is
not just your go-to for the creative products/services
you desire, but that we are your friend for life!

Because we are focused and centered
predominately on design at this time,
we do require the assistance of
(very carefully and hand-selected)
printing/production partners to help us
fulfill the tangible items that we sell!

For more information regarding this,
check out our “FAQ” section under the
“More” tab on our menu!

Below you will find a map of our fantastic partners:

Owner of The Urban Flair LLC
Proud Scorpio
Recovering Type A Personality
Upcoming Creative Entrepreneur
Boss Babe

Born in Upstate New York
Raised North of Atlanta, GA
Chasing Dreams/Making Things in San Diego, CA